Who is Gerald Celente?


Gerald Celente is a world renowned “trend forecaster” who gained immense notoriety for his unflinching certainty and confidence in his predictions.  Through fierce analytical prowess, Celente predicted The March on Wall Street, The Stock Market Crash of 87’, and one year before 9-11 warned that “Americans would not be safe at home or abroad”.  His book was on the National Best Seller list, and before 9-11, he made appearances on CNN, CNBC, Oprah and The Today Show.  Networks frequently fought over who would have Gerald Celente on first.  But after 9-11, his controversial forecasts became too troubling for the networks, and he was ultimately blackballed by the major media establishment.


Story Synopsis


After being blackballed, Gerald experiences an absolute fall from grace that takes him to a dark, confusing and unfamiliar place.  The only person he has around him is an old, humble, sage-like woman, his aunt– a woman who embodies some of the best of what her fading generation had to offer.  She becomes Gerald’s bridge and also a bridge for the audience to experience the heart of this story.


We glimpse further into Gerald’s personal world as the conversation between Zizi (which means aunt in Italian) and Honeyboy (as Zizi affectionately calls him) unfolds over an impressive home cooked Italian dinner.


The mutually satisfying small talk between them takes a turn as Gerald reveals that in addition to being blackballed, he’s suffering terribly over the recent abandonment by his wife.  As the mood turns darker, his downward spiral seems inevitable but is temporarily offset.  As Gerald struggles to figure out his own uncertain future,  Zizi’s undampened spirit continues to carry Gerald through to the point where hope is illuminated.  In a sense, she becomes his teacher and along the way Gerald learns a few things about himself, the power of the human spirit, and comes to realize what is truly important in life.



Who We Are


We are writers, producers, and actors who are passionate not only about the inspiring, heartwarming story being told, but also about today’s very relevant societal hot button themes touched on in the script-censorship, shadowy political agendas, and corporate greed.  We’re very excited about being the first group of filmmakers to bring Gerald’s true story to life, and have the world see what might be the most interesting, intimate, and personal side of the man behind the predictions.  The man who has been referred to as “A modern-day Nostradamus”.